Enercal Plus Vanilla 900g X 2 + FREE GLASS TEA SET
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ENERCAL PLUS® is specially formulated to provide you with important nutrients as part of a balanced diet, in a great tasting beverage.

Nutrition for life

The need for balanced nutrition applies to all people, even if you are in the best of health. At Wyeth, we understand that good nutrition leads to good health. So we developed WYETH ENERCAL Plus, a scientifically balanced nutritional supplement that supplies you with 1.5 kcal/ mL of calories and at least 100% of the U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for proteins, vitamins and minerals in 4 servings.

Wyeth Enercal Plus vs. Ordinary Cow's Mil - Why make Wyeth Enercal your choice formula?

The Healthy Choice

Wyeth ENERCAL Plus is your answer for a source of extra energy and protein to supplement your diet. It provides you with protein, carbohydrates and fat in a balanced caloric distribution in proportions approximating the recommendations of the American Heart Association. The fat content for Wyeth ENERCAL Plus is derived from an all-vegetable fat blend, which comprises mainly of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. Wyeth ENERCAL Plus is also an excellent source of calcium and iron.

Due to this composition, Wyeth ENERCAL Plus makes a suitable choice for cholesterol lowering diets.

The versatile formula.

Easy-to-mix Wyeth ENERCAL Plus powder helps you meet your calorie and protein requirement in a small volume, with 1.5 kcal/mL of calories, for balanced nutrition.

It is lactose-free, which makes it ideal for patients with lactase-deficiency. It is also low in cholesterol, with a fat ratio that closely approximates the American Heart Association guidelines. Furthermore, its lactose content helps facilitate easy calcium absorption by the body, so you can strengthen your bones and teeth.

Delicious Wyeth ENERCAL Plus can be served as a daily mealtime supplement. It is designed for those with lactase deficiency. In addition, it is suitable for those on cholesterol-lowering diets.

Simple and Delicious

Wyeth ENERCAL Plus is easily rehydrated in warm or cold water to produce a smooth liquid. The powder is produced by a special instantizing process that assures easy solubility. Wyeth ENERCAL Plus comes in Vanila flavour, to which individuals can add their own favorite flavourings.

What's in the box

Enercal Plus Complete Nutrition Milk 900g X 2tins + FREE Gift