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Anti FR + Selenium contains a wide range of anti-free radical nutrients.


Kid’s Gummies Omega-3 + DHA & EPA is a fruity-flavor gummy that contains omega-3 essential fatty acids which are vital nutrients for the functions and development among the children.


KKM : MAL10100058XCR

Made in Autralia

Multivitamins and minerals contains 18 types of vitamins and mineral in maintaining every day well-being.

What is Multivitamins with Minerals?

BiO-LiFE Multivitamins with Minerals are needed for optimum vitality, better health and it helps to supplement an unbalanced diet in an excellent once-a-day dose.


  • Vitamin Ais essential for the functioning of eyes1.
  • Vitamin D3is needed for the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus1.
  • Vitamin Ehelps in the red blood cells production1.
  • Vitamin B1aids in the maintenance of growth, vision and tissue differentiation1.
  • Vitamin B2helps the body to utilize energy from food1.
  • Vitamin B3helps the body in utilization of energy from food1.
  • Vitamin B5helps to metabolize fats and carbohydrates2.
  • Vitamin B6helps the body to metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates2.
  • Vitamin Cis needed for healthy bones, teeth, gums and general well-being2.
  • Calciumhelps in development of strong bones and teeth1.
  • Magnesiumis an essential component of bone and cartilage1.
  • Ironis needed in the red blood cell formation1.
  • Zincis needed for growth1.
  • Vitamin B12aids in the formation of red blood cell1.
  • Folic acidaids in the formation of red blood cells1.
  • Biotinhelps to metabolize fats and carbohydrates2.
  • Iodineis essential for the formation of thyroid hormone1.
  • Seleniumhelps to protect cellular tissues and membranes against oxidative damage3.

How to Take :

Adult: One tablet daily after food or as recommended by your pharmacist.