Novamil Kid IT Milk 800g (Prevent Constipation)
Price RM82.40
Product SKU kidit1
Size (L x W x H) 17 cm x 25 cm x 17 cm

Reduces constipation (Kurangkan Sembelit)
Least heaty Milk in the market (Susu yang tidak panas badan)

Novamil KID IT with SmartGut3600 promotes optimal intestinal transit (IT) time with well-balanced nutrition. It is an advanced formula that suitable for kid from 1 10 years old.

How does SmartGut360o works for constipation?

Milk Carbohydrate with bifidogenic effect to promote gut health

60:40 ratio of Whey:Casein ideal blend of protein for faster digestion rate 2:1 ratio of Ca:P balanced ratio for better calcium absorption to reduce hard stool formation

High Magnesium stimulate intestinal movement and attract water into colon to form softer stool Novamil KID IT containing High Omega 3 & 6 from plant origin to support mental and visual development

1.5X higher Calcium & Phosphotus to build strong and healthy bones Higher Vitamin B complex to improve appetite and energy level 30 nutrients to support optimal growth

Sucrose free Novamil KID IT is suitable for:

Toilet resister Inactive Kids Picky Eater Why choose Novalac Novamil? TRUSTED BRAND FOR OVER 20 YEARS Novalac Novamil takes pride in being the pediatrician-recommended brand of formula for children, with products that are innovated to support your childs health and creative development. It is a leading brand in France for over 20 years.

OUR PROMISE We are committed to continuously develop new innovative formulas to meet the nutritional needs of children and to provide the best for your little ones. To give your child the best nutrients, all Novalac Novamil formulas contain fresh milk, which involves strict quality control on the food, environment and even to the health of the milk-producing cows. Only ingredients of non-genetically modified origin and with the highest quality are used in our products.

FULLY IMPORTED FROM EUROPE Every tin of milk goes through over 700 checkpoints from milk collection till the shelves.