KenHealth Nasal Aspirator (Suck Mucus from Baby's Nose)
Price RM13.99
Product SKU BCM1006
Size (L x W x H) 18 cm x 12 cm x 11 cm
  • Safe to Use on Babies & small children
  • Remove nasal (nose) secretions and mucus
  • fast & easy to use
  • MDA Registration Number: GMD1935736616A


Nasal Aspirator Tulip Style (BN-303) MDA Registration Number: GMD1935736616A

This nasal aspirator is made of food graded materials and popular among many countries, the nasal aspirator will be ideal device to remove mucus inside nasal cavity.

The materials for mouth piece, nose tip and tube of nasal aspirator are all soft silicone, the user doesn't have to enter baby's nose with tube. With circular-designed nose tip, the user won't go too deep and hurt baby''s cavity, the design fits baby's nostril perfectly.

The nasal aspirator won't take up too much space as the nasal aspirator itself is lightweight, small in size. Besides, it is easy to operate so that the user can easily get started. Nasal aspirator comes with a storage box, allowing users to easily accommodate and carry out, safe and hygienic.

In order to help baby clean the mucus thoroughly without remaining secretion, the user can adjust the strength of the suction manually. In addition, each component of the nasal aspirator can be dissembled separately so that the nasal aspirator can be thoroughly cleaned.

To avoid the concern of sucking the mucus during aspiration, the nasal aspirator is equipped with anti-backflow device to prevent the snots from entering the tube, which is comfortable and safe.

The nasal aspirator is made of transparent silicone, it can be clearly seen whether the mucus shows an abnormal color so that the user is able to look after the baby's health status. Due to the design of the soft silicone, it is more environmental friendly and safe.


1. The users can safely suck the mucus out from baby's nose through tube. They can adjust the strength of suction manually by themselves.

2. Although baby's moving during aspiration, the nasal aspirator won't hurt baby's nasal mucosa due to circular-designed nose tip made of soft silicone.

3. Due to petal-type mouth piece, it can prevent the mouth piece from going too deep into user's mouth.

4. Due to the tube, mouth piece and nose piece are made of transparent silicone, the user can feel at ease during aspiration.

5. The unique anti-backflow device of the nasal aspirator can prevent the user from sucking the mucus through tube during aspiration.

What's in the box

1 X KenHealth Nasal Aspirator (Suck Mucus from Nose)